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Do your leadership skills need some development?

We all have a responsibility and opportunity to be a leader in our APS agency and specifically within our team. Leading effectively requires regular professional development and practice. For middle managers across the public service, the APSC is offering an EL1 masterclass, an EL2 leadership in practice and EL2 leadership expansion program during April and May 2018. One of the recurring benefits from participants is the ability to balance a range of tensions when translating strategic direction into operational outcomes.

SES have a responsibility to provide high quality strategic leadership within their agency and across the APS. The APSC is running SES leadership development programs in Canberra over the coming months. These programs will help to strengthen the leadership capability of senior executives to effectively deliver on their key accountabilities and to influence stakeholders to make progress on complex challenges.    

Explore the Learning and Development Calendar to identify leadership opportunities for you. Please contact the leadership [at] apsc.gov.au (Leadership Development Team) for further information.

Last reviewed: 
31 May 2018