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Diversity data matters

This month the APSC is urging all APS employees to review personal information kept by their agency and update their diversity details. Giving diversity data, for example disability and Indigenous status, isn’t compulsory. But it’s important, as it’s the only way to track if the APS is truly fostering and supporting a diverse workforce.

Each agency sends HR data about their APS employees to the APS Employment Database (APSED). Diversity information in APSED is used to:

  • identify areas of under representation and consider how to address this
  • shape diversity policies and strategies
  • ensure initiatives to support the diverse needs of our workforce are targeted and effective.

The APSC manages data with a strict adherence to the Privacy Act 1998 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

If you haven’t reviewed your personal information on your agency’s HR system recently, why not see if it’s up to date. That way you’re helping the whole of the APS meet its commitment to being a truly diverse workforce.

Last reviewed: 
1 May 2019