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Digital leaders for the future

Digital leaders for the future   

SES officers across the APS are quickly becoming digital leaders to enable the APS to meet the challenges of digital transformation. 

Launched in June this year, the Leading Digital Transformation program is enables SES officers to be better digital leaders and meet the challenges of digital transformation.

The program comprises of three phases, all building on each other to support participants in developing digital capability and transforming government services in their agency.

  • Phase one: An online digital discovery package including a Digital Leadership Mindset Assessment and debrief to guide self-directed learning.
  • Phase two: Digital Disruption Day. This one day event introduces leaders to key concepts, challenges and opportunities and includes expert speakers sharing their successes and insights. 
  • Phase three: Digital Leadership Immersion. A three day intensive where leaders apply learning to case studies and challenges facing the APS. 

Program evaluation shows a huge increase in the confidence of SES leaders to engage in digital transformation:

“I have a better understanding of digital transformation. I couldn’t have explained it before the course even though I know now I was actually practicing parts of it.”

“This is an outstanding program on problem solving and shaping new ways of thinking and doing in the APS.”

For more information about the program, visit Leading Digital Transformation.

Last reviewed: 
26 September 2018