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Did you know there is publicly available information on APS remuneration?

You can find this information in the Australian Public Service Remuneration Report, which is published annually by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC). The report includes aggregated information on salaries paid to APS employees, the allowances they receive and superannuation contribution, broken down by gender, APS classification and other attributes.

The latest Remuneration Report, released on 13 June 2018, has remuneration data on 2,617 Senior Executives (SES) and 136,710 non-SES APS employees as of 31 December 2017. It shows that the weighted median base wage growth across the APS was 2.5%. The APS-wide gender pay gap is 8.4%, which compares favourably with the national gender pay gap of 15.3%. Within each classification, there is no significant difference between pay rates for men and women.

In addition, this year’s remuneration data is also in Excel format, which allows users to explore the data and produce their own insights.

The Report also draws upon data extracted from the APSED database which receives information from APS agencies about staff movements and agency composition on a regular basis.

You can read the report and explore the data tables on the APSC website here.  

Last reviewed: 
2 July 2018