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Diagnostic tools

Take a moment to think of how you would describe the culture in your agency. Do you think all your colleagues would hold a similar view, regardless of their gender, age or work area? Chances are the answers would be as varied as the people you ask.

APS Gender Equality Strategy: Action 5A

Agencies must evaluate their current gender balance across classifications and work areas. This includes appraising organisational culture and reviewing programs, policies, guidance, and training to address unconscious bias.

Articulating organisational culture is not as easy as it sounds. Everyone's experience is unique and their perspectives even more so. Capturing and understanding the true culture of an organisation is difficult. Changing that culture is even harder. If you can't clearly articulate the culture or immediately point to people issues that require fixing, then you should start with a diagnostic assessment.

Diagnostic assessments can take many forms – cultural audits, gender mainstreaming assessments – and are best outsourced to ensure objectivity. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Department of Treasury conducted cultural audits as one of the first steps in addressing gender equality in their agencies.

Self-assessment tools

There are self-diagnosis tools freely available through open source.  These tools can assist in establishing an initial understanding of organisational culture, how available key enablers are to staff, and where to get on the journey. Agencies should consider whether self-assessment adequately captures their culture or whether they also require assistance from an external provider.

External providers

The listing of external providers here is in no way an evaluation or endorsement of their services. It is recommended that agencies consider what diagnostic tools are required and research what options best suit those requirements.

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Specialisations: Helping organisations to understand their current state of gender mainstreaming, assessment of cultural characteristics, and analysis of other aspects of gender diversity.

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The May Group

Specialisations: Undertaking cultural audits and developing gender equity or inclusion strategies.

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Last reviewed: 
6 June 2018