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DFAT's Women in Leadership Strategy: A driving force towards a more gender equal workplace

Photo - Award recipients

As winners of the 2017 APS Gender Equality Awards, DFAT’s Women in Leadership Strategy team have successfully driven deep cultural change in the department and opened up new ways of working to improve gender equality, help staff reach their full potential and enhance productivity.

Described as ambitious and innovative, the Strategy draws from research, expertise and extensive staff consultation to support all staff to perform at their best.

For example, the “if not, why not?” approach to flexible work is being embedded across the department, female role models are more visible and unconscious bias is being tackled. Gender-disaggregated data is regularly shared with all staff.

The results are visible. More women are reaching DFAT’s senior ranks and becoming Heads of Mission overseas, and there are positive changes in how women perceive their career progression.

To find out more you can read the Strategy on the DFAT website.

Photo of DFAT staff receiving the APS Gender Equality Award: Cathy McWilliam, Sally Mansfield and Emily Fisher.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018