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Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Programs, policy and strategy

PM&C respects and values the diversity brought by both women and men. That diversity brings together varied perspectives, produces a more well-rounded analysis of the issues at hand, and leads to improved decision making.

Executive support

'A diverse and inclusive workplace is important not just for reasons of equity and fairness, but also for improving organisational performance. For me, it is not only a moral issue. It is a clear business imperative – why would anyone seeking to ensure their organisation's success
choose to ignore the talent and leadership of half their potential staff?'

Dr Martin Parkinson PSM, Secretary

Initiatives and networks

The PM&C Women's Network (the Network) aims to promote gender equality in the workplace. Its focus is on creating opportunities for women to build successful and satisfying careers. However, in recognition of the fact that challenging gendered assumptions in the workforce can provide better outcomes
for men and women alike, the Network welcomes participation by all.

  • External partnerships (Chief Executive Women, YWCA)
  • Working playgroups
  • Flexible work cameos
  • Job share register
  • Men's engagement
  • Events: International Women's Day, White Ribbon Day, Clothing Drive, Share the Dignity, Men's Health, Equilibrium Challenge
Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018