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Department of Communications and the Arts

Programs, policy and strategy

The Department is developing its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-2019 which has a dedicated Gender Action Plan to help enhance our culture, focused on recruitment, development and retention of diverse workforce. Specific actions include at least one female representative on all recruitment panels, gender balance on elected decision-making bodies, and maintaining connections with staff taking a career break. The Strategy also includes a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer Action Plan and Carers Action Plan.

Provisions for flexible work arrangements are included in the Department's enterprise agreement and set out in a flexible work arrangements policy.  In addition, our innovative and leading edge digital technologies and communications services provide flexibility/support for work-life balance and carer responsibilities. The flexible work arrangements policy also allows for supporting staff through emergencies such as family violence.

Initiatives and networks

The Department of Communications and the Arts has a Gender Equality Network. This is a staff-led network, supported by the senior executive. The Network has been established to promote gender equality and diversity, and enable all members to develop their professional capabilities, particularly through supporting women's leadership. All members of staff are encouraged to participate in the Network.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018