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Corporate governance framework, 2017–18

The Commission’s predicted outcomes and anticipated use of resources are set out in its Portfolio Budget Statements for 2017–18. Actions designed to deliver the outcomes are detailed in the Corporate Plan 2017–18 and group business plans.

The Commission’s Executive Committee provides strategic oversight and support for the Commissioner. It considers and determines the business, operational and policy strategies of the Commission, approves the Corporate Plan and is responsible for financial management of the Commission.

Ernst & Young was responsible for the internal audit function in 2017–18. Four audit reviews were completed—procurement, cyber-security, prevention of data loss, and rehabilitation management systems.

Compliance and accountability

The Commission conducts an annual review of its compliance with the financial management and accountability framework. The results of the 2017–18 review confirmed that our internal control environment is operating effectively. No significant non-compliance was detected.

The Commission also has an ongoing process of reviewing its human resource policies to ensure that they are consistent with best practice and contemporary human resource management principles.

Ethical standards

The Commission supports a culture of strong commitment to the APS Values and Code of Conduct and ensures that this is reflected in its day-to-day work. People starting out at the Commission receive clear guidance about expectations in this regard.

Last reviewed: 
18 October 2018