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Compliance and regulation

Compliance and regulation roles examine, assess, inspect and investigate compliance with applicable legislation and organisational frameworks.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Enforcement Border Enforcement Operations 130101 Border enforcement operations professionals are deployed on a national, regional and district basis to a range of common operational scenarios and environments. They apply controls at air and sea terminals, wharves, depots, warehouses, specialised examination facilities, storage and disposal locations, immigration detention facilities and in the maritime domain.
Business Registration Enforcement 130107 Business registration enforcement professionals perform work in regard to Business Registrations and undertake enforcement related activities in terms of fraud.
Cargo Examination 130102 Cargo examiners administer and enforce customs and related legislation, and assist with customs control of overseas passengers, crew, aircraft, ships, cargo, mail and bond stores.*
Quarantine 130105 Quarantine professionals inspect incoming animals, plants, and animal and plant products to ensure compliance with laws and regulations to prevent the spread of exotic pests and diseases.*
Removals 130106 Removals professionals manage the delivery of lawful removals in a timely manner, consistent with legislation and within policy parameters.
Inspection Biosecurity 130201 Biosecurity professionals conduct and oversee biosecurity screening and assessment of cargo and physical assets (including all types of equipment and food), travelling to/from jurisdictions,  and personal effects.
Dog Handler 130208 Dog handlers manage guard, detector and other dog teams that support an organisations outcomes in areas such as airports, seaports, cargo depots and mail centres.
Manufacturing Quality Inspector 130207 Manufacturing quality inspectors conduct and manage compliance monitoring activities to ensure the quality of manufactured goods with applicable regulatory requirements and product standards. This may include reviewing documents and records related to suspected non-compliance, collecting and handling evidence and reporting on activities in the field.
Meat Inspector 130202 Meat inspection professionals inspect animal carcasses, internal organs and meat processing facilities for disease to ensure compliance with government and industry standards with respect to quality and health.*
Primary Products Inspector 130203 This role covers Primary Products Inspectors not elsewhere classified.*
Taxation Inspector 130206 Taxation inspection professionals inspect and assess taxation returns to ensure compliance with government legislation, and investigates suspected breaches of taxation legislation.*
Water Inspector 130204 Water inspectors monitor the allocation and usage of water. They develop plans to allocate water resources, complete data reports and investigate complaints.
Weight and Measurement Inspector 130205 Weight and measurement inspectors use highly accurate measuring standards and equipment to inspect and test commercially used scales and meters.
Investigation Investigator 130301 Investigation professionals investigate alleged or suspected criminal violations of Federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution. Compliance and Regulation / Investigation / Regulatory and Compliance Investigator 130304 to be consolidated with this role.
Movement Monitoring 130302 Movement monitoring professionals monitor arrivals and departures to and from Australia. They maintain records, work independently and follow known protocol.
Surveillance Operations 130305 Surveillance operations professionals provide surveillance capability and support.
Trade Remedies Case Manager 130303 Trade remedies case managers investigate products selling below normal market value, subsided products and ensure domestic industries are safeguarded by establishing extra duties, quotas etc. 
Maritime Marine Standards Specialist 130402 Marine standards specialist perform governance activities associated with specialised watercraft.
Marine Unit Enforcement 130403 Marine Unit Enforcement professionals undertake a variety of tasks to safeguard the border against the illegal movement of people and goods, illegal foreign fishing and terrorist related threats.
Maritime Response 130401 Maritime response professionals manage and implement a marine action plan when a maritime emergency call is received.
Regulation/ Compliance Community Detention 130502 Community detention officers monitor offenders in the community and provide information and guidance to reduce them from offending again.
Compliance Assessment 130503 Compliance assessment professionals manage compliance processes, undertake and manage escalated and/or complex compliance investigations, and promote and encourage compliance assessment and decision making in line with best practice regulation frameworks.
Compliance Case Management 130504 Compliance Case Management professionals conduct and manage compliance case management and/or monitoring activities to assess regulated products and/or services for compliance with the appropriate legislation. Compliance and Regulation / Regulation / Compliance / Compliance Field 130505 consolidated into this role.
Detained Goods Management 130506 Detained goods managers are accountable for the safe and secure storage, retention, management or disposal of seized goods.
Detention Assessment 130507 Detention assessment professionals identify cases of inappropriate detention and review outcomes.
Detention Operations 130508 Detention operations professionals ensure the safety and security of incarcerated detainees.
Identity 130510 Identity professionals investigate and establish the identity of clients located in country who are predominantly inadequately documented persons.
Licensing Officer 130514 Licensing officers provide information and advice to stakeholders relating to licensing services. They also assess applications for allocation and renewal of licenses.
Status Resolution 130511 Status resolution professionals work with clients to resolve their immigration status through the grant of a substantive visa or departure from Australia.
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20 March 2019