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Communications and marketing

Communications and marketing roles plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies that create an understanding and a favourable view of organisations, their goods and services, and their role in the community to both internal and external stakeholders.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Creative Design Graphic Design 120201 Graphic designers plan, design, develop and prepare information for publication and reproduction using text, symbols, pictures, colours and layout to achieve commercial and communication needs.
Illustration 120202 Illustrators plan, design, develop, and prepare pictures and diagrams to communicate messages, clarify meaning, assist in presentations and illustrate stories, using traditional and digital media such as drawing, painting, drafting, collage, models, photography, and image capture and manipulation software.*
Marketing Advertising 120101 Advertising professionals devise and coordinate advertising campaigns and promotions of events and services.
Market Research 120103 Market research professionals gather and analyse information about target markets or customers.  This includes social and opinion research using qualitative and quantitative techniques. 
Marketing 120102 Marketing professionals identify market opportunities and advise on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for promoting services
Multimedia Media Production 120503 Media production professionals plan, develop and distribute media in relevant forms to communicate messages.
Photographer 120501 Photographers operate photographic equipment to take and produce photographs and images.
Video Production 120502 Video production professionals plans, develop and distribute video material on behalf of an organisation.
Public Relations and Stakeholder Management Change Manager 120301 Change Management professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate change activities.  
Nb: this role now also contains 210306.
Community Liaison 120302 Community liaison professionals establish and facilitate communication between different community groups, organisations and governments.
Conference and/or Event Organisation 120303 Conference and Event Organisers organise and coordinate conferences, events, functions, banquets and seminars.*
Media Manager 120309 Media management professionals manage the relationship between and organisation and the media.  They plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies to create an understanding of an organisation, its goods and services, and its role in the community.
Messaging 120304 Messaging professionals create consistent messages for an organisation, its regulations, policies and services, or its role in the community through education and communication.
Public Relations 120305 Public relations professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies that create an understanding of an organisation, its goods and services, and its role in the community.*
Relationship/Stakeholder Management 120306 Relationship/Stakeholder Management professionals manage the relationships between key stakeholders and the organisation, program or project. 
Advocacy-related roles may also be included as part of this Occupation if they relate to providing guidance to non-Government agencies on subjects such as access to grants, arbitration of disputes and effective engagement with the Public Sector.
Social Media 120308 Social media professionals plan and implement communication via social media on behalf of an organisation.
Writing and Editing Editing 120401 Editors undertake editing of a publication in accordance with editorial policies and guidelines and accepted rules of grammar, style and format prior to printing and distribution.
Journalism/Authoring/Writing 120402 This occupation group covers Journalists and Other Writers not elsewhere classified.*
Publishing Officer 120406 Publishing officers coordinate, collect, collate and publish printed materials.
Speech Writer 120403 Speech writers are primarily involved with writing speeches on a range of topics.
Technical Writer 120404 Technical writers research and writes technical information-based material and documentation for articles, manuals, text books, handbooks, or multimedia products, usually for education or corporate purposes.
Web Production 120405 Web production professionals develops and publishes material for web based publications that complies with editorial policy and access guidelines.
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20 March 2019