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The Commission at a glance

Our role

The Australian Public Service Commission promotes good practice in strengthening the capability of the Australian Public Service (APS) to meet the evolving needs of citizens and the government, supports leadership and learning and development in the APS, and fosters ethical behaviour and workplaces that value diversity.

We also have an important evaluation role in working with agencies to ensure that the APS is performing effectively and consistently with the APS Values.

Our mission

To lead and shape a unified, high-performing APS.

Highlights from 2010–11

During 2010–11, the Commission:

  • established the Centre for Leadership and Learning, to ensure that the APS has a contemporary, systematic approach to learning and development, leadership development and talent management, built around APS needs
  • substantially progressed a major project to amend the Public Service Act 1999 in line with recommendations of the report Ahead of the game: Blueprint for the reform of Australian Government administration, to support the APS workforce and leadership and embed new practices and behaviour in the culture of the APS
  • focused on raising awareness across the APS about the development of an organisation’s capability and its human capital in the context of workforce planning, capability reviews, talent management, leadership development and innovation
  • worked to document the concept of human capital, identify the benefits of a human capital framework, gather the evidence base and develop the tools to support the framework, and outline and test the key elements of the framework with agencies
  • completed a process of wide-ranging consultation on proposed new APS Values with employees, agencies and other stakeholders
  • developed a methodology and model for conducting agency capability reviews, and completed the first pilot capability review with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. A second pilot review with the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has commenced
  • as part of its workplace planning function, began developing an APS-wide workforce planning framework that can be used by agencies to develop fit-for-purpose workforce plans
  • developed for government consideration and implemented government’s decisions in respect of the new Australian Public Service Bargaining Framework, which commenced on 31 January 2011
  • completed the significant steps to transform the Commission and its governance arrangements, people and systems to support its new and ongoing activities.
Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018