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Checklist—How disability friendly is your agency?

Disability policies and programs

  • Does your agency have policies or plans that include or focus on people with disability such as a Disability Employment Policy or Action Plan, Reasonable Adjustment and/or Funding policy, Car Parking policy, Disability Awareness training?
  • Does your agency promote the availability of disability policies and/or programs internally? How?
  • Does your agency have a senior disability champion? Do your employees know who this is?


Job descriptions, design and re-design

  • Do you consider the inherent requirements or essential tasks of the role? Do you focus on what needs to be achieved rather than how it is achieved?
  • Are you open to job re-design or customised employment options for people with more significant levels of disability?
  • Does your agency apply RecruitAbility to all vacancies, including senior executive roles?
  • Do you provide work experience to people with disability as a way of supporting them to be job ready?
  • Have you considered offering traineeships and apprenticeships to people with disability to increase their knowledge, skills and experience to obtain ongoing employment?
  • Are you familiar with the range of Government-funded support services and programs available to employers and people with disability?

Advertising, interviewing and selection

  • Do you ensure all job advertising encourages people with disability to apply?
  • Do you place your job vacancy advertisement with disability organisations, specialist disability media or the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator?
  • Have you established links with local Disability Employment Service providers that could help you access a broader talent pool for your vacancies?
  • Are your job application forms and processes accessible? Do you ensure images and non-text items have text labels so that people with vision impairment can access the forms using screen reading software? Do you check that any automated scanning and sorting software does not discriminate against people with disability? Do you ensure that all online tests are accessible and non-discriminatory?
  • Is any psychometric or aptitude testing you use in the recruitment process fair and equitable to candidates with disability?
  • If pre-employment medical assessments are conducted, do they comply with disability discrimination legislation?
  • Do you challenge stereotypical assumptions and unconscious bias about disability in your agency?
  • When you offer a job to a person with disability, is it standard practice to discuss and document any reasonable adjustment needs they may have?

If you would like your agency to improve its ability to recruit people with disability, see the Australian Network on Disability's Disability Confident Recruiter program.


  • Does your agency have strategies in place to increase the disability confidence of its managers?
  • Are your agency's work practices accessible? Would they include or exclude an employee with disability?
  • Are employees with disability equally represented in senior roles?
  • Do employees with disability in your agency enjoy career progression at a rate similar to employees without disability?
Last reviewed: 
15 May 2018