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Chapter 6: Allowances

Allowances are payments that sit outside of Total Reward providing payment for such matters as: working conditions, qualifications or special duties,work related expenses.

Availability of, and eligibility for, allowances depends on specific conditions typically provided under employment instruments and particular circumstances of positions.

The median value of allowances can be highly variable as shown in Figure 6.1. Various factors can influence fluctuations, for example, changes in scope, repackaging and the size of the population covered.

The median payment for hardship allowance has varied significantly from year to year. Over the last five years it has decreased by 67%.

Allowances applying to a very small population are likely to vary significantly. In the last five years there has been a 150% increase in the median payment for Market related: Specific Job allowance. The very small number of employees receiving this allowance (65) make it more likely to be subject to volatile percentage changes.

Similarly, while the median value for Superannuation allowances has also changed significantly the small population limits meaningful comparison.

Figure 6.1 Median allowance paid, 2015 and 2019