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Chapter 6: Allowances

Allowances are payments that sit outside of TR providing payment for such matters as:

  • working conditions
  • qualifications or special duties
  • work related expenses

Availability and eligibility of allowances depend on specific conditions typically provided
under enterprise agreements and particular circumstances of positions.

The median value of allowances is highly variable, as shown in Figure 6.1. Most median values have not changed markedly since 2014, although the median values for Market related: Specific job and Superannuation allowances have undergone noticeable increases of 57% and 94%, respectively.
The increase in median Market related: Specific job allowance for 2018 is partially driven by a change in reporting by one agency, which broadened the range of this allowance with a very small addition to the overall headcount. The median Market related: Specific job allowance in 2018 therefore reflects the use of this allowance to reward SES experience in specialised roles for that agency.
The number of employees receiving Superannuation allowances has decreased from 84 in 2014 to only 2 in 2018. This small population limits meaningful comparison of some of these superannuation trends.

Last reviewed: 
18 July 2019