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Celebrating the achievements of our Indigenous APS employees

Media release

Thirty-two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees of the Australian Public Service were recognised for successfully completing the APS Indigenous Graduate Program in 2010 at a ceremony today, organised by the Australian Public Service Commission.

The APS Indigenous Graduate program is a major component of Public Calling—the APS Indigenous Employment Strategy, which aims to provide a pathway from tertiary education to the APS workforce. 

The Hon. Gary Gray AO MP, Special Minister of State for Public Service and Integrity re-affirmed the Government’s commitment to increasing representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the APS and all workplaces. He stated that “this program is an initiative which delivers real results in employment outcomes for Indigenous people. Within the workplace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees help change perceptions of cultural diversity and respect, and provide pathways for working more effectively with Indigenous communities and organisations.”

Other guests included senior public servants and representatives from across a large range of APS agencies, family members, and friends of those being recognised for their achievements.

The ceremony also welcomed the next round of Indigenous graduates who are joining the Australian Public Service through Public Calling in 2011. Thirty-one Indigenous Australians are about to commence their graduate journey in 2011.

The Australian Public Service Commissioner highlighted the value of Graduates in the APS stating “what you all bring is enthusiasm, fresh ideas and approaches, innovation and creativity, and new ways to think through issues and challenges.”

Since the inception of Public Calling in 2005, over 500 Indigenous Graduates, Cadets and Trainees have been recruited into the APS.

For further information please contact karl.hoffman [at] apsc.gov.au

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018