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The case for change

As at 31 December 2015, women made up 58.7% of the APS, but only 41.8% of the Senior Executive Service.

Men make up 64% of Senior Executive Service Band 2 and 3 levels. They also account for only 18% of part-time work take-up by all APS employees, which is further compounded by recent Australian research that indicated men are twice as likely to be denied flexible work requests than women.

The picture painted by these figures is a public service that is not ideally positioned to take full advantage of a contemporary and shifting workforce. A growing body of research shows that organisations with the most gender equality outperform those with the least, and gender equality in teams promotes an environment where innovation can flourish.

The case for change is therefore clear. Without recognising gender equality as a business imperative, agencies risk being left behind.

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Last reviewed: 
6 June 2018