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Calling on APS agencies to support Safer Internet Day 2019

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to helping all Australians have safer experiences online through a range of prevention, education and intervention measures.

Part of this commitment includes Safer Internet Day (SID), an annual, worldwide event, in which the Office of the eSafety Commissioner is responsible for driving nationally.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner would like to increase the number of APS departments and agencies actively participating in SID 2019, on Tuesday 5 February, and as a starting point they ask you to register your interest here.

Participation can vary from internal awareness raising, to hosting an event or participating in activities on the day. Registering your interest will enable the Office of the eSafety Commissioner to send you updates, ideas for activities and content for your internal publications.

Online safety and responsible internet use are issues affecting all Australians, underscoring the importance of Safer Internet Day (SID), which overseen in Australia by the eSafety Office.

This year’s SID was a huge success, with the nation’s leaders attending a launch event in Canberra and support from a wide range of government agencies, corporates, industry and communities through various events and promotion activities. This unprecedented level of engagement resulted in the SID message reaching 15 million Australians.

The eSafety Office is committed to making SID 2019 even bigger and better, which you can help us achieve by registering your interest.

Last reviewed: 
3 September 2018