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Calling agencies to join induction pilot project for new starters

Showing new starters the ropes is an important process that most managers and agencies need to do on a regular basis. Would you like to improve this process? The APSC invites agencies to participate in a pilot project to improve the induction experience for people new to the APS.

Gaining a good understanding of the APS and your agency sets a foundation for future learning. To improve the induction process, the APSC is piloting a new approach with the APS Online Induction Portal. The Portal will host a range of eLearning modules, videos and guides aimed at improving the induction experience for those new to the APS.

This month, the Portal will include the following eLearning modules:

  1. Working in the APS
  2. Information management
  3. Structure of Government and role of parliament
  4. Fraud awareness
  5. Integrity and Values
  6. Money and resources

By end of September there will be six more modules:

  1. WHS
  2. Security
  3. APS Frameworks
  4. Departments and agencies
  5. Risk
  6. Diversity

During the 12-month pilot, the APSC will collate the feedback to improve the effectiveness of the induction portal.

To get involved, please //capability [at] apsc.gov.au">email the APSC capability team.

Last reviewed: 
1 August 2018