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What is Building Digital Capability?

Building Digital Capability is a partnership between the Digital Transformation Agency and the Australian Public Service Commission designed to transform the APS. As a result of Building Digital Capability the APS will be better skilled to support digital transformation making government services easier, cheaper and faster to use.

What are we doing?

Building Digital Capability focuses on developing specialist digital skills, transforming agency culture through leadership, and attracting and retaining digital talent.

Where are we up to?

Learning Design Standards are being drafted for the specialist digital skills. Some of these are ready for your feedback – see Learning standards on the next tab.

A digital leadership program and a digital talent strategy have been developed and are being progressed. See the Digital Leadership and Digital talent tabs for more information.

Keep up to date

Follow us on Twitter @APS_Commission and @DTA for Building Digital Capability updates.

Last reviewed: 
12 June 2019