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Building the capabilities of Indigenous Australians

The Australian Public Service Commission is seeking expressions of interest from agencies for the 2019 Jawun secondment program.

The Jawun program is a six week program where high-performing Executive Level employees are taken out of their comfort zone to work in an Indigenous organisation in regional and remote Australia.

Over 80 APS secondees successfully participated in Jawun initiatives in ten regions across Australia this year. Secondees worked with Indigenous communities to build a variety of organisational capabilities.

Jawun provides opportunities for APS executives to join with private sector executives engaging with Indigenous communities to support Indigenous development. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the local communities.

As a result of the Jawun program, 99 per cent of secondees reported an improved understanding of Indigenous people and customs. Secondees also said they had a better understanding of the public we serve.

Further information about Jawun is available here.

Staff who are interested in participating should contact their agency Jawun representative.

Last reviewed: 
26 September 2018