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Australian Public Service Commissioner

The Hon. John Lloyd PSM
Australian Public Service Commissioner

The Hon. John Lloyd PSM

John Lloyd was appointed Australian Public Service Commissioner in December 2014.

Other senior positions that Mr Lloyd has held are:

  • Australian Building and Construction Commissioner
  • Senior Deputy President, Australian Industrial Relations Commission
  • Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Chief Executive, Department of Productivity and Labour Relations, Western Australia
  • Director, Workplace Relations and Productivity, Institute of Public Affairs
  • Red Tape Commissioner, Victoria

Most of Mr Lloyd's work has been in the field of workplace relations.

Mr Lloyd has also served on the board of three organisations dedicated to supporting people with cerebral palsy.

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Role of the Australian Public Service Commissioner

The Australian Public Service Commissioner takes a leading role in ensuring that the Australian Public Service has the organisational and workforce capability to meet future needs, working collectively with Secretaries in stewardship of the APS.

The Commissioner has both statutory functions (under the Public Service Act 1999) and policy responsibilities. 

The Commissioner's overarching functions, as set out in section 41 of the Public Service Act, are:

  1. to strengthen the professionalism of the APS and facilitate continuous improvement in workforce management in the APS;
  2. to uphold high standards of integrity and conduct in the APS;
  3. to monitor, review and report on APS capabilities within and between Agencies to promote high standards of accountability, effectiveness and performance.

The Commissioner's functions also include promoting the APS Values, Employment Principles, and Code of Conduct.

The Commissioner reports annually to Parliament on the state of the service, including changes in the environment and infrastructure of the APS and emerging issues.

The Commissioner also has a number of inquiry and review functions including:

  • inquiries into allegations of misconduct by agency heads, and, in certain circumstances, APS employees and former employees;
  • systems reviews into management and structural issues within an agency, or the relationship between agencies;
  • special reviews into any matter relating to an agency or the relationship between agencies.

The systems and special reviews are undertaken at the direction of the Prime Minister.

The full list of the Commissioner's functions is set out in the Public Service Act 1999.