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North Queensland Local News

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 16 April 2018

  • Common themes of culture, learning & development, efficient and effective use of resources and values.
  • The APSC have confirmed they will be holding another conference in Townsville this year. The event is tentatively booked for July 26 however the venue is still to be confirmed.
  • AGLN-NQ is still looking to try some different networking events for 2018.  Ideas for events and agency speakers for events would be appreciated and can be sent to the AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au mailbox
  • The ATO is aiming to host a cross-agency event in May – date to be confirmed and advertised shortly. 
  • The AGLN-NQ Cross-Agency Mentoring Program has officially commenced. 5 mentors and 5 mentees have been paired based on skills and needs.
  • The AGLN-NQ is looking at opportunities to facilitate broader Indigenous connections in our region. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to the AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au mailbox
  • The ATO is hosting an Emerging Leaders Day in early June and will be offering a limited number of places for APS Agencies in Townsville to nominate an emerging leader to attend.

Key Messages – AGLN-NQ Committee Meeting 19 February 2018

  • The APSC State of the Service event is being held in Townsville on 7 March at 9am. Invites were sent directly from the APSC. The event will be held at the ATO, Level 13, Stanley Place, 235 Stanley Street Townsville.
  • The APSC have confirmed they will be holding another conference in Townsville this year. The event is tentatively booked for July 26 however this date and the venue are still to be confirmed.
  • AGLN-NQ Networking events for 2018 will trial some different times and locations to try and increase numbers attending. Ideas suggested included a breakfast event with a speaker (and a small fee to attend to cover breakfast) or evening drinks. As always, the AGLN-NQ Committee welcomes ideas and suggestions for future events through the AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au mailbox
  • The AGLN-NQ Cross-Agency Mentoring Program pilot has been endorsed by the Committee. Advertising for mentors commenced on 19 February, advertising for mentees will commence from 26 February. Please raise visibility of this pilot program within your agencies and encourage interested staff to nominate.
  • The Business and Community working party has established an Interagency TeamUp calendar to allow agencies and organisations within our region to share upcoming events they are attending, allowing other agencies to consider also attending. The TeamUp calendar can be accessed at this link: https://teamup.com/ksg4c9pfdzby1thtk6
  • An Emergency Contact list has been developed for APS Agencies in Townsville to be used in the event of an emergency (i.e. cyclone). This contact list can be used to share details of agency closedowns and re-openings, and will also receive updates from the Local Disaster Management Committee in the event of a cyclone. A protocol document has also been developed for when the contact listing is to be used. If your agency would like to be part of this contact list, please send through the contact details of the appropriate contacts for your organisation to AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au and we will look to include your details in this listing.
  • Cross-Agency Mentoring Program Pilot
  • The North Queensland branch of the AGLN will pilot a Cross-Agency Mentoring Program in 2018. The program aims to help mentors and mentees develop networks and career paths across the Australian Public Service in North Queensland.
  • The pilot program will commence in April 2018 and will run for approximately 6 months. Expressions of Interest for interested EL1 and EL2 mentors, and APS 5 and 6 mentees, will be advertised via email to APS agencies in North Queensland in the coming weeks.
  • Mentee application form
  • Mentor application form
  • Mentoring package

For more information about the mentoring program pilot, email AGLN-NQ [at] ato.gov.au

Who we are

The North Queensland AGLN committee is comprised of senior executives from a variety of APS agencies who volunteer their time to support APS leaders by providing forums for:

  • leadership development
  • exchanging innovative thinking, ideas, knowledge and experiences
  • peer support and collegiality
  • facilitating whole-of-government approaches to APS activities
  • member contributions to the development of local and strategic APS initiatives
  • reducing the impact of geographical isolation from national offices.

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), working with AGLN committees, has responsibility for the successful delivery of these events and conferences.

Our committee members are:

If you would like to become involved in the AGLN committee or its events, please email events [at] apsc.gov.au.

Contact us

For further information about your local AGLN events, how to become a member or to be included on the network's state distribution list.

events [at] apsc.gov.au / (02) 6202 3916