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About the Australian Government Leadership Network (AGLN) New South Wales

The NSW AGLN committee comprises senior executives from a variety of APS agencies who volunteer their time to support APS leaders by providing forums for:

  • leadership development
  • exchanging innovative thinking, ideas, knowledge and experiences
  • peer support and collegiality
  • facilitating whole-of-government approaches to APS activities
  • member contributions to the development of local and strategic APS initiatives
  • reducing the impact of geographical isolation from national offices.

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), working with AGLN committees, has responsibility for the successful delivery of these events and conferences.

NSW Local News

We invite submissions to share training and events that are relevant to APS staff in NSW on this page. Please email events [at] apsc.gov.au with your submission.

Who we are

Our committee members are:

  • nick.miller [at] asbestossafety.gov.au (Nick Miller )(Chair) - Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency
  • megan.pitt [at] ags.gov.au (Megan Pitt) (Chair) - Australian Government Solicitor
  • brett.connors [at] ato.gov.au (Brett Connors) - Australian Taxation Office
  • tim.fitzgerald [at] customs.gov.au (Tim Fitzgerald) - Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
  • gary.hoare [at] caldb.gov.au (Gary Hoare) - Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board
  • rosemary.holloway [at] tpg.gov.au (Rosemary Holloway) - Tax Practitioners' Board
  • angela.mckinnon [at] nicnas.gov.au (Angela McKinnon) - National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme
  • warwick.austin [at] aec.gov.au (Warwick Austin) - Australian Electoral Commission
  • jennifer.chynoweth [at] canceraustralia.gov.au (Jennifer Chynoweth) - Cancer Australia
  • jonquil.ritter [at] acma.gov.au (Jonquil Ritter) - Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • paul.shaw [at] afsa.gov.au (Paul Shaw) - Australian Financial Security Authority
  • kathryn.shields [at] defence.gov.au (Kathryn Shields) - Department of Defence
  • aapo.skorulis [at] innovation.gov.au (Aapo Skorulis) - Ausindustry, New South Wales State Office
  • julienne.clifford [at] wgea.gov.au (Julienne Clifford) - Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Elizabeth.Connolly [at] aat.gov.au (Elizabeth Connolly) - Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Megan.O'Brien [at] fedcourt.gov.au (Megan O'Brien) - Federal Court of Australia
  • emma.jobson [at] health.gov.au (Emma Jobson) - Department of Health

If you would like to become involved in the AGLN committee or its events, please email events [at] apsc.gov.au.