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Attracting a diverse ICT workforce

This factsheet has been developed as part of a series to help agencies attract and retain diverse ICT staff. For more information on ICT workforce planning, please see the Whole-of-government strategic ICT Workforce Plan 2010–2013 or email ictskills [at] apsc.gov.au.

Targeted advertising

Jobs designated under special measures provisions under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 are open only to Indigenous Australians. The spirit of the use of special measures provision is to address employment disadvantage for Indigenous Australians. Special Measures can be used at all levels.

People with disability can also benefit from targeted advertising. In particular people with an intellectual disability face a special challenge gaining employment in the APS. Under the Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 1999 clause 4.2 (6)(b)(ii), agencies can advertise particular vacancies as being open only to applicants with intellectual disability.

Develop a reputation as an organisation that values diversity

One of the best ways to attract and retain diverse employees is to develop a reputation as an agency that values diversity. Agencies that do this will “walk the talk” by demonstrating their commitment to diversity.

This means improving workplace environments by developing, implementing and evaluating appropriate diversity strategies, and it requires an investment of goodwill, financial and human resources.

It is important that all strategies consider how to “walk the talk” all year and not be limited to events such as NAIDOC week and Disability Awareness Week.

Where to advertise

Advertising options are not limited to APSjobs and mainstream press. To attract more diverse applicants, agencies may consider using:

  • Indigenous media (e.g. the Koori Mail, the National Indigenous Times, the National Indigenous Radio Service)
  • Indigenous and disability support units at educational institutions
  • Indigenous networks such as the Indigenous APS Employees’ Network (IAPSEN). 
  • disability employment services and networks, such as Disability Works Australia, Disability Employment Services and the Australian Network on Disability.


Consider including a tagline on job advertisements stating that your agency is an equal opportunity employer, and/or state that ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability and people from a non-English speaking background are encouraged to apply’.

Accessible advertising

Agencies must ensure that information about employment opportunities is available in accessible formats. For more information on publishing in accessible formats online see the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0

Need help employing people with disability?

Jobaccess provides information on disability to support managers and employers through all stages of the employment cycle at: <jobaccess.gov.au/Employers/Pages/home.aspx>

Last reviewed: 
8 June 2018