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Comcare has partnered with APS Mental Health Expert Reference Group members to produce a powerful guide called 'Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work.' Department of Agriculture has shared their tips and tricks for overcoming GovTEAMS challenges.


Guide to promoting mental health at work

Comcare, along with APS Mental Health Expert Reference Group members, have produced a powerful guide called Working Together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work. The guide has handy information sheets broken down into key sections so people can easily find material related to their personal situation. They include how to recognise and manage mental health issues, and how to recognise and offer early intervention to support employees and colleagues.

Tips and tricks from the GovTEAMS team

Here are some tips and tricks the team recommends to help you if you’re facing similar challenges to Jennifer and her team at the Department of Agriculture as described in the article, ‘GovTEAMS connecting teams at home and overseas’.


A key challenge faced was the lack of time zone functionality in the Microsoft Teams (Teams) app. This made it difficult for Jennifer to schedule meetings as she had to use a world clock to convert the meeting times to ensure they were scheduled appropriately.

The limited functionality for time zones was not the only challenge the team faced. At first, they were unsure of how notifications worked when using Teams. Teams lets you send a personal chat or post in a channel, where the whole community can see the content. The notifications members receive change depending on whether you send a chat or post in the channel. This can be confusing when you’re new to the service.

Jennifer’s team made it a habit to regularly check their community channels and chats to ensure they didn’t miss anything. One of the main issues they faced was the difference between how they were notified when something was sent to them in a channel or chat.

The multi-factor authentication was made more difficult for the team as they had setup their accounts using their office phones and were only given the phones they were travelling with 2 days before departure. This resulted in them having to change their account settings prior to departure and change it back when they returned. Members often find this process to be a bit fiddly.

Some suggestions from GovTEAMS on these challenges
Update your time zone settings

To update the region settings in the Teams application you can:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams from the GovTEAMS dashboard
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the of the screen
  3. Select settings and click general and go to the language section
  4. Update your preferred language and region settings as required from the dropdown menus

Selecting your preferred language and region also updates your date and time zone.

Use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone

Approve sign-in requests at the click of a button. This will stop your text messages from being clogged up with one-time use code and will streamline your login process.

To use this verification method you must set up the Microsoft Authenticator App.

  1. Download the app for Android or iOS
  2. Select the contact method:
  • Receive notifications for verification (tap Approve or Deny)
  • User verification code (open app to view the verification code)
  1. Click setup - A configure mobile app screen shows. Follow the instructions listed on the screen for setting up the mobile application verification.
  2. Click next
Make the most of the notification functionality in Teams

The @ symbol ensures a notification is always sent. You can use either @name to send a notification to an individual or if it is important for the whole team, use @team.

Download the Teams app on your mobile when working on the go

You can download the Teams app on your mobile. This will allow you to receive notifications while you’re working on the go.
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