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Townsville floods

Townsville floods: Working together to recover from disaster

Most of us probably associate North Queensland with sunshine, lush rainforests and beautiful beaches. But the locals know living in the tropics also brings a unique set of challenges which APSwide will delve into later this month.

In February 2019, Townsville was devastated by floods when the city was drenched by a year’s worth of rainfall across 10 days. Hundreds of residents were evacuated and thousands of homes were flooded. Sadly, six people lost their lives.

Six months on, the recovery effort continues with community and government organisations involved, as well as individuals and charity groups.

Nicole Dykstra, Chair of the Australian Government Leadership Network in Townsville, said in times of disaster, it’s even more important for organisations to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

She said Townsville people, including her colleagues at the Australian Taxation Office, had demonstrated solidarity and a real culture of support and mateship.

“We have such a strong sense of community. Even before the waters subsided, everyone had banded together and switched into recovery mode,” Nicole said.

“I’m really proud to call Townsville home, and be part of a government agency that continues to work hard to support the community to get back on its feet. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for this incredible group of people,” she said.

Hear more about the response to the flooding at the APSwide conference in Townsville on 29 August. Nicole will lead a panel of local, state and federal government representatives involved in coordinating the emergency and consequence management response to the floods.

Find out more and register for the APSwide conference series on the APSC website.