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Partners of the APS: EAP - help is only a phone call away

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are confidential work-based intervention programs for APS employees and immediate family members. They’re made up of teams of qualified psychologists and social workers to help with emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing.

EAP counsellors can help identify, explore and manage issues such as:

  • relationship and marital issues
  • concerns about children or family members
  • balancing family and work responsibilities
  • changes at work
  • work related stress
  • elder care, including coping skills
  • mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders
  • financial stress.

EAP services are unique to an agency. However, generally employees and their immediate family members can access up to five free sessions with their agency’s provider when they have an issue.

Employees and their immediate family members can also usually request psychologists or counsellors who’ve completed cultural awareness training, lived and worked in Aboriginal or Torres Strait communities, and have a high level of experience and understanding of First Nations culture.  

Check out your agency’s intranet or talk to your HR area to find about more about what EAP services may be available to you.