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APSC Commissioner

New directions on performance management

The APS Commissioner, Peter Woolcott, released amendments to the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2016 on 24 July. The amendments place responsibility for performance management on all supervisors and APS employees, as well as agency heads.

The Commissioner said the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions describe how the APS should incorporate and uphold the APS values. This includes how to undertake performance management. 

“Performance management is about best practices that allow the APS to manage talent and retain high-performing employees,” said the Commissioner.

“It involves managers dedicating time to develop and mentor staff and teams. It’s not just for managing under performance.

“The amendments are about achieving optimal performance across all agencies. They also hold all APS employees accountable for upholding the APS employment principle that requires effective performance from every employee,” he said.

This is the first time the Commissioner’s Directions have been amended since 2016.

The Australian Public Service Commission has also released a circular and a guide called Performance Management in the APS. The guide is to assist agencies to develop performance management practices that will sustain a high-performance culture across the APS. Read more about the Commissioner’s Directions or watch a video of the Commissioner speaking about performance management.