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Help ANZSOG by sharing your insights into public sector challenges

The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) runs courses and research to meet the current and future needs of its government owners. But to do it successfully, it needs your help.

ANZSOG is running a survey to help them improve their understanding of the needs of the public sector. In an online survey taking no more than 15 minutes, they want to learn:

  • what you believe are the key challenges in your APS workplace and career
  • how you see the future of the public service
  • what capabilities you think are needed to address those challenges.

ANZSOG is the only school of government that brings together governments and universities across nations and jurisdictions, so they’re able to offer programs to public servants which have a unique blend of theory and practice.

The results will shape their future programs, and help them better support the work of the public sector. They’re distributing this survey as widely as possible. Because of the diversity of the work in the APS, they expect every public servant will have valuable insights to share.

To participate, go to https://ANZSOG.bluera.com/ANZSOG/a.aspx?l=158_1_AAAAAAAABSc.