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GovTEAMS connecting teams at home and overseas

GovTEAMS is not only a way for teams to share information and collaborate across agencies, it’s also proved to be an effective way to collaborate across continents.

The Department of Agriculture successfully used GovTEAMS to organise the Australian delegation’s attendance at a conference in Paris earlier this year.

Jennifer Davis was responsible for coordinating and organising the Australian delegation’s presence at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) General Session in May. Jennifer said there was extra pressure on Australia’s delegation as Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp was chairing the session and in high demand.

“We needed a tool that enabled us to notify staff of schedule changes, alert them to upcoming meetings and share information. We found out about GovTEAMS and we thought we’d give it a go,” said Jennifer.

Previously, Jennifer used spreadsheets and Word documents to keep the delegation on track and ensure they were where they needed to be. IT restrictions had previously meant Agriculture employees were required to travel with tablets, not their work laptops, making it hard to update files on the go.

“We thought we’d dip our toes in the water and trial GovTEAMS in Paris,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer and the team used GovTEAMS to connect with Agriculture staff in Paris and back home in Australia. They set up a community specifically for their attendance at the session and used GovTEAMS to schedule meetings, chat and share files that were too large to be emailed. Being able to send large files was a real benefit of using GovTEAMS.

The team faced several challenges, including the lack of time zone functionality, and having to familiarise themselves with the system only weeks before the General Session, but they’re already planning to use it again.

“We’ll definitely increase our usage of the platform next time, now that we have become more comfortable with some of the features of GovTEAMS,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer and the team say GovTEAMS definitely passed the test in being a useful platform when working collaboratively across the department, and with other agencies, state government and industry.

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Image source: World Organisation for Animal Health 2019