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Get a grip on change, exclusively at APSwide – next stop Sydney

Get a grip on change, exclusively at APSwide – next stop Sydney

While sometimes we might feel like we have no control over change, what we can control is our response to change. Whether you’re looking for ways to deal with change or support others through it, APSwide will help equip you for future challenges.

Part of the one-day conference series will be spent in one of two interactive workshops. The first workshop looks at why people resist change, and strategies for reframing these reactions into something more constructive.

Tony Watson, from the Leadership and Capability Group at the APSC, says it’s important to acknowledge that change is personal, and resistance is normal.

“Sometimes change can be misunderstood and mismanaged because we fail to understand our own reaction and the reactions of our staff and colleagues,” he explained. “By looking at common elements of successful change, this will prompt people to think about how they can be an effective part of change.”

In the second workshop, participants will learn how to recognise their own and others’ communication needs at each stage of the change curve.

“Our ability to communicate during times of change is critical,” said Tony. “Without the right communication, people can become uncertain and negative, blinding them to the benefits or purpose of the change.”

Both workshops promise to be highly interactive, providing a range of tools and techniques conference attendees can take away and apply in their workplaces. The APSC’s Leadership and Capability Group has developed them specifically for this conference series.

APSwide is held in all capital cities and Townsville – the next stop is Sydney on Thursday 19 September. In addition to these practical workshops, Sydney APSwide attendees will hear from senior APS leaders about changes on the horizon for the APS, including a keynote presentation from APS Commissioner Peter Woolcott. They will also hear personal perspectives and experiences of dealing with and managing change, from within and outside the APS.

To register for APSwide in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart or Brisbane, visit the APSwide conference webpage .