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Do you know who Australia’s Doctor of Time is?

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) has released a series of videos aimed at teaching kids – and adults – about the seven basic units of measurement. The videos feature the NMI’s own Time Lord, Dr Bruce Warrington.

In each video, Dr Warrington travels through space and time in the ABC-supplied Tardis to talk about the seven units of measurement.

With definitions for four of the basic units updated in May this year, it was perfect timing to teach kids about how measurement has changed over time and see some of the work that the NMI does.

The seven videos, which are available on the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website, introduce us to the second, metre, kilogram, kelvin, candela, ampere and mole.

As Australia’s Chief Metrologist and head of the NMI, Bruce knows a lot about time. He completed his doctorate on atomic physics and worked with CSIRO to develop atomic clocks. He also led Australia’s delegation to Paris, voting to redefine the kilogram and the other base units of the international measurement system in November 2018.