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Digital career pathways: a model of APS transformation

Digital career pathways: a model of APS transformation

Digital transformation opens up a world of opportunities for collaboration and co-development of solutions. Two agencies are collaborating to support public servants in exploring and building their digital careers and they’re asking for your help.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and the APSC are working together on the Building Digital Capability program. The program works to equip the APS with skills to support digital transformation making government services easier, cheaper and faster to use. While each agency has responsibility for some components, they have joint responsibility for career pathways.

Grant Nicholson works in both agencies on the career pathways, spending at least one day a week in each agency and the rest where he’s needed most. He says this is a truly collaborative partnership model.

“It really helps to keep both organisations coordinated and informed. It’s great to see both agencies striving for the benefit of the whole APS.

“The Building Digital Capability program is transforming the APS, not only through its outcomes but the way it’s achieving them,” said Grant.

There are two ways you can contribute to this project: through a workshop, or by being part of user research.

Workshops to define digital roles

The APSC and DTA are inviting people to attend a workshop to define roles in digital disciplines not covered in workshops held earlier this year. These include data science, cyber security, enterprise architecture, performance analysis, content ops, design ops and many more. If you have direct experience in these fields, please come along to a free workshop. Details are on the DTA Eventbrite page. You’ll help build capability in your discipline.

User research into digital roles

The DTA is conducting user research on how people find, explore and pursue digital roles in the APS. They’re looking for people in all stages of their career, including people who aren’t yet in a digital role but would like to be. If you can help out, please contact the team at capability [at] dta.gov.au. The research interviews take an hour, and you don’t need to leave your workplace – though it can be more fun if you do.