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DFAT’s Smartraveller’s services are changing

DFAT’s Smartraveller’s website, subscription and registration services are changing from November 2019. These changes will affect all Australian travellers, including our APS colleagues who travel for government business.

Australians will have to subscribe again to receive country updates and will no longer be asked to register their travel plans with DFAT before departure. Travellers will only be asked to register their itinerary if there’s a crisis overseas. If DFAT activates registration for a certain country, an online form will appear on the Smartraveller website.

Importantly, DFAT’s level of service to Australians overseas is not changing. They’re just changing when they ask for your details. Instead of always, it will be just when you need help in a crisis.

These changes will allow advice and assistance to be directed to Australians most affected by a crisis overseas.

To be well informed and well prepared for overseas travel, DFAT advises APS staff to subscribe to the new website from November. That way you’ll get the latest travel advice updates straight to your inbox. 

Read more on the coming changes at Smartraveller.gov.au/changes.