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The APS L&D Community of Practice

Communities of interest - The APS L&D Community of Practice

The top 3 reasons why you should join this community of practice:

  1. Connect: Meet others from across the APS who develop, deliver, procure, and evaluate learning and development initiatives.
  2. Share: Share what you’re doing, and what you’re grappling with. Hear about interesting capability development initiatives in the APS, including successes and lessons learned.
  3. Develop: Build your professional L&D skills and knowledge.

The APS L&D Community of Practice meets three times a year in Canberra, and online through a GovTEAMS community.

At the most recent meeting in July, around 80 attendees participated in a workshop on thriving in the modern workplace. The workshop was facilitated by L&D Strategist Michelle Ockers and covered the future of work and the impact for L&D; essential skills for L&D professionals; and the professional development needs of participants.

Attendees had the opportunity to assess their capability and identify what skills they need to develop in order to thrive in L&D in the future.

To find out more, join the APS L&D Community of Practice community on GovTEAMS or email development [at] apsc.gov.au.

Around 80 members of the APS L&D Community of Practice complete an online L&D capability assessment at the National Library of Australia in July.