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Chart of the month: What makes an agency top in wellbeing

Wellbeing is measured a number of ways in organisations. Most 2018 APS employee census respondents, 81%, believed their immediate supervisor cared about their health and wellbeing and were comfortable in approaching their immediate supervisor about personal circumstances that may impact on work.

The other side of employee wellbeing is the practical and cultural elements which allow for a sustainable and healthy working environment.

The wellbeing index included in the APS employee census provides a measure of wellbeing for employees within an organisation. The overall index for the APS in 2018 was 66. In 2017 it was 65.

This chart shows that agencies with a higher wellbeing index scored more highly in these areas:

  • SES actively contribute to work, seen as high-quality, work as a team
  • the agency manages the workforce and change well
  • communication is effective.

 The biggest differentiator between agencies with the highest and lowest wellbeing scores is employees feeling valued for their contribution.

Caption: Percentage point differences between the top 10 and bottom 10 agencies for wellbeing

Find more about wellbeing in the Organisational performance and efficiency chapter of the State of the Service Report.