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Chart of the month - Employment engagement

Chart of the month - Employee engagement

High levels of employee engagement are associated with positive benefits such as better organisational performance, productivity and retention. Engagement is more than job satisfaction or commitment to an organisation. It is the extent to which employees are motivated, inspired and enabled to improve organisational outcomes.

What drives employee engagement varies from agency to agency with some changes depending on their size and function. Some of the highest factors associated with engagement in the APS include:

  • employees believing that one of their responsibilities is to continually look for new ways to improve the way they work
  • employees having a clear understanding of their development needs
  • employees feeling satisfied they are recognised for doing a good job
  • employees having a clear understanding of how their workgroup’s role contributes to their agency’s strategic direction
  • agencies managing change well
  • agencies actively encouraging ethical behaviour by all employees.

Employee engagement also varies across classification levels in the APS. This chart shows that SES employees have substantially higher levels of engagement compared to EL and APS employees.

Chart of the month - Employment engagement

Find more information and graphs about employee engagement in the State of the Service Report chapter Organisational performance and efficiency.