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APS employees by number of agencies worked in

Chart of the month - APS employees by number of agencies worked in

Most APS employees, 72%, have only worked for one agency. In 2018, only 2.6% of ongoing employees switched agencies – a rate that hasn’t changed much in recent years.

When viewing these numbers, it is easy to conclude there is little mobility in the APS. There is, however, more detail to this story and, to an extent, it is a story of two regions: the ACT and non-ACT.

Mobility within the ACT is significantly higher than it is in other jurisdictions. In 2017–18, 79% of total movements were attributed to the ACT. Higher mobility in the ACT contrasts with most APS employees (62%) working outside the territory.

Policy agencies attract the most movements between agencies.

APS employees who belong to more technical or specialised job families are more likely to only work for one agency. Those belonging to the organisational leadership and strategic policy job families are most likely to have worked for multiple agencies.

For a full break down of mobility by job families and classifications, read the State of the Service Report 2017–18 on mobilising capability.