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APSC graduates video


[Coat of arms/APSC image]

[music starts]

[Blake, standing in APSC Learning Centre]

I joined the APSC Grad Program because I was looking for the best grad opportunity that focused on my own development while also providing me with lots of exposure to agencies across the APS and to senior leaders.

[Transition to Tegan, standing in the office with Indigenous artworks in background]

I was really excited to move to Canberra from interstate [three grads walking into Aviation House].    The APSC made the relocation really easy. There is so much to do in Canberra [two grads sitting in local coffee shop talking] there’s great places to eat and events on every weekend.

[Two grads walking together in the Woden precinct]

[Transition to Maggie, standing in work area]

The APSC is a really welcoming workplace. We’re inclusive of people from all experiences and backgrounds. I’ve found it a really supportive place to be.

[Deputy Commissioner, Stephanie Foster sitting in her office]

Our grad program is a really important part of our broader cultural change program. We want the grads to bring their freshness and creativity and new ideas to shake up the way things are done around here. The best way to do that is have the grads participating fully from day one. To have them doing real jobs producing real outcomes, being an integral part of their team’s success.

[Nick, standing against the window]

The Graduate Development Program represents an awesome opportunity for us to learn about being public servants and get acquainted to our new jobs. It’s also a great chance to get to meet other grads from across the APS and get to know them socially as well as in a professional environment. [Two scenes of group of external grads collaborating at an APSC Graduate event]

[Emmeke (voice over) showing large number of grads gathering at an APSC graduate event]

It’s been awesome to have the opportunities to attend APS wide graduate events with over 950 [Emmeke standing in office] graduates from all different departments. We all got together for events such as a Taste of Government which is at Parliament House and also Grad Hack.

[James, walking into Stephanie’s office]

One of the highlights for me was definitely shadowing Stephanie for a day. [Graduates sitting at Stephanie’s table discussing work]. It felt that the organisation was actually invested in their graduates and that’s been a real feature.

[Stephanie, at her computer with a graduate]

And the learning’s absolutely been two ways. Having the chance to spend a whole day with each of the graduates gave me a real insight into what they were learning and what they were experiencing here and allowed me to take those lessons back to our Executive group and have it make a real difference to the way that we lead.

[Maggie, standing in work area] We’ve all really enjoyed our grad year. We are excited to continue developing and see where our careers in the APS will go. I’ve loved working at the Commission and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who is thinking of applying.

[Coat of Arms/ APSC image] [music ends]

Last reviewed: 
10 May 2018