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APS Values

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What changes are being made?

A new Direction has been added supporting the Committed to Service Value. This Direction recognises the responsibility of APS employees to manage data to enhance evidence-based policy advice, ensuring information is readily available to the community.

In addition, a number of minor edits have been made to the other Directions.

What do agencies need to do?

Agencies may need to:

  • update any reference or training material about the APS Values they have developed to ensure that it is consistent with the 2016 Directions
  • ensure that any Code of Conduct investigations into whether an employee has failed to meet their obligation to uphold the APS Values under section 13(11) of the Act consider the Values in the light of the Directions that applied at the time of the suspected misconduct.

What transition arrangements need to be put in place?

Code of Conduct inquiries about behaviour that occurred before 1 December 2016 should continue having regard to the Directions in place at the time of the suspected misconduct.

What is the legislative basis?

  • Part 2 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2016
Last reviewed: 
16 May 2018