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APS Reform Committee focusses on modernising the public sector

Focussing on ensuring the public sector remains fit for purpose into the future and delivering the best possible services for citizens and business in the most effective way are key drivers of an APS Roadmap for Reform.

The Secretaries’ APS Reform Committee is overseeing the work is underway to identify and deliver short to medium term reform opportunities across six streams in the new Reform Roadmap:

  • Workforce and culture
  • Structures and operating models
  • Citizen and business engagement
  • Investment and resourcing
  • Policy, data and innovation
  • Productivity

This work will help to drive a smarter, more productive public sector to be well placed to meet the increasing demands for services and the changing needs and expectations of the community.

Stay tuned to future editions of APS News for updates on work progressing in the APS Reform space.  

For more information on the new Roadmap for Reform, head to page 9 of Budget Paper No. 4.


Last reviewed: 
29 June 2018