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APS redeployment policy

This guidance should be read in conjunction with Managing the size of the Australian Public Service. Agencies may continue to use the guidance for reference, but where there is any inconsistency, the policy on staffing arrangements takes precedence.

On 21 April 2011, the Government released the APS Redeployment Policy. The policy, which applies only to Australian Public Service (APS) agencies, contains eight 'redeployment principles' and supporting processes for the redeployment of excess ongoing APS employees.

The redeployment policy is to operate consistently with agency head obligations under the Public Service Act 1999 including the APS Values and Employment Principles, as well as requirements in industrial legislation and enterprise agreements, in relation to excess staff situations.

The aims of the policy are to:

  • ensure that the APS retains employees that have the skills needed for future work of agencies, and
  • provide excess employees with opportunities for continued employment in the APS where possible.

Central to these aims is a strategic human capital approach of preserving corporate knowledge, maintaining core workforce skills, maintaining diversity and supporting succession planning.

In summary:

  • agencies with employees that are excess or have been formally advised that they are potentially excess will need to consider them for placement within the agency before undertaking any external advertising, and to explore redeployment options for these employees within the wider APS, including the option of the employee placing their details on the APS-wide redeployment register
  • this on-line redeployment register is part of the APSjobs website and was launched on 23 May 2011.
  • agencies with vacancies are to consider excess employees seeking redeployment opportunities from other agencies prior to or concurrently with advertising a vacancy or drawing on an existing order of merit.

There is also a facility for those employees who are not offered voluntary redundancy by their own agency to exchange jobs with a suitably skilled excess employee registered for APS–wide redeployment. This on–line feature was launched in July 2011.

Redeployment remains the joint responsibility of the agency and employee and excess employees need to actively pursue alternative employment opportunities to maximise the prospect of successful redeployment.

In the event that an agency is expecting employee reductions, communication and consultation with all employees needs to be timely, accurate, clear and transparent. Agencies are to develop a strong consultation process with affected employees and their representatives that is consistent with processes outlined in agency enterprise agreements. Consultation should continue through every stage of the employee reduction process.

Follow this link to The APS redeployment policy.

Managing redeployment in the APS: Guidelines for agencies

This document provides supporting guidance and a step-by-step approach designed to assist corporate areas of APS agencies to implement the policy. It aims to clearly identify the legislative and industrial framework within which the policy operates and how the new processes interact with existing recruitment and excess staff arrangements.

It describes the responsibilities of agencies with excess employees and those with job vacancies, as well as the responsibilities of the excess employees themselves.

Appendix A provides a full copy of the APS Redeployment Policy.

The series of 'frequently asked questions' (at Appendix B) has been based on enquiries received since the policy was announced and may be supplemented with additional material over time. Any updates will be available on this web page.

Follow this link to Managing redeployment in the APS: Guidelines for agencies

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29 May 2018