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APS leadership and core skills strategy

The Centre for Leadership and Learning (the Centre for Leadership and Learning) was established in July 2010 to improve leadership development and talent management across the APS, enhance core and management skills learning, and improve the efficiency of the APS learning and development system. In implementing its agenda, the Centre for Leadership and Learning works on behalf of the entire APS. It uses a collaborative whole-of-APS approach that draws on the expertise and experience of agencies to achieve outcomes.

The Centre for Leadership and Learning's programme of work is informed by an APS-wide learning strategy, which identifies capability and skills development requirements that are common across APS agencies. The most recent iteration, the APS Leadership and Core Skills Strategy Refresh 2014–15 (the leadership and core skills strategy refresh) builds on work started in 2011 and continued in 2012–13, including an emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability (Chapter 9). It emphasises:

  • leadership practices—mobilising employees to make progress on challenges and thrive
  • management expertise—the use of formal authority and processes to complete tasks
  • core skills—specific skills essential to the public service and of relevance to all public servants.

While the leadership and core skills strategy refresh distinguishes between management and leadership for the purposes of capability development, in daily practice leadership and management are applied in tandem. To date, SES leadership and talent development programmes have been implemented. These aim to build a common leadership culture and practice at the most senior levels of the APS. In 2014–15, the focus on leadership practice will be extended to the Executive Level 2 group. Significant progress has also been made in implementing management expertise and core skills priorities.

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29 March 2018