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The ongoing impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant the Australian Public Service Commission has had to shift its focus to other work prioritises. This has resulted in a delay in the release of the December APS Data Release. At this stage, the Australian Public Service Commission has decided to publish the data tables separately from the overall report.  This release includes the Excel workbook that consists of 84 tables containing key workforce metrics as at 31 December 2019 and trends from 2000. It is expected the APS Data Release report and the interactive dashboards (APSEDii) will be released in the coming weeks.

The data tables present a statistical overview of the Australian Public Service employed under the Public Service Act 1999. It covers 100 agencies and includes the following APS employment data:

  • Demographic variables including age, gender and work location.
  • Classification level from trainee to Senior Executive Service.
  • Diversity data including voluntarily self-reported items such as disability status, Indigenous status, and cultural diversity.
  • Staff movements including engagements, separations and transfers between agencies.
  • Size of the workforce as a headcount of all people employed at the time of the ‘snapshot’, including  any employees who are on extended leave (for 3 months or more), and those on maternity leave and leave without pay.
Last reviewed: 
28 April 2020