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The APS Diversity Council

The APS Diversity Council was established in early 2012 by the Secretaries Board, to reinforce and reinvigorate the APS commitment to workforce diversity. The Diversity Council has a particular focus on improving employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians and people with disability in the APS, in response to unfavourable employment outcomes for these groups.

This year the Diversity Council undertook a review of agencies' technical processes related to the employment of Indigenous Australians and people with disability and explored ways to build agency culture to better support workforce diversity and inclusion. In doing so, the Diversity Council liaised with agencies on cultural awareness and reasonable adjustments, endorsed a new mechanism to better collect retention data for employees from diversity groups and developed a system to share expertise and create opportunities for cross-agency collaboration around diversity issues. The Diversity Council also secured the continuation of specialised whole-of-APS recruitment pathways for Indigenous Australians and supported a new recruitment pathway for people with disability.

Additionally, the Diversity Council paid particular attention to workforce diversity implications in an environment of budget constraints and slowing recruitment. They issued advice on the use of the APS Redeployment Policy, emphasising the importance of a strategic human capital approach in an environment of tightened fiscal policy and budget constraints. Agencies were encouraged to consider the implications of workforce restructures on corporate knowledge, core workforce skills, diversity and succession planning.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018