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On Wednesday, 16 September 2020, the Australian Public Service (APS) Data Professional Stream was formally launched by the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Peter Woolcott AO. In his capacity as the overarching Head of Professions, the Commissioner announced the appointment of Dr David Gruen, Australian Statistician and head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), as the inaugural Data Head of Profession.

Download the APS Data Professional Stream transcript (Word, 39KB)

The launch of the Data Professional Stream follows the successful launch of the APS HR Professional Stream in late 2019 and the Digital Professional Stream earlier in 2020. The Stream is underpinned by the Data Professional Stream Strategy, which will lift the capability of the APS workforce to generate deeper insights to inform decision-making in policy development, programme management or service delivery.

The role of the Data Head of Profession is to champion support for the Strategy and, through collaboration and contributions from supporting agencies, deliver the prioritised program of work that brings the Strategy to life.

The Strategy was developed through a Senior Reference Group, co-chaired by the Deputy Australian Statistician, Jenet Connell, and the Deputy Australian Public Service Commissioner, Mary Wiley-Smith. The Senior Reference Group comprises key senior executives from across the APS who work with data, including the ABS, the Australian Taxation Office, Geoscience Australia and the Departments of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Defence, and Home Affairs.

A number of signature initiatives have been identified:

  1. Establish a Data Professional Network
  2. Streamline data graduate recruitment for the APS
  3. Ensure data expertise in recruitment
  4. Build diversity into data roles
  5. Develop sophisticated data users
  6. Enhance mobility in data roles.

Why be a part of the Data Professional Stream?

The Data Professional Stream is designed to source, grow and mobilise data expertise across the APS. It will guide responsible, informed, safe and ethical use of data. By joining the network, APS employees will collaborate, share resources, knowledge and expertise, and be offered opportunities to grow their capabilities and career. The network will communicate regularly with members, and will hold events such as forums and webinars with guest speakers.

The Data Professional Stream is primarily for employees working in data and analytics roles across the APS. It specifically notes the need to strengthen data capability overall and niche expertise for sophisticated data users.

How to get involved

If you are interested, please complete the registration form. You will receive a regular newsletter containing information on how you can get involved and current initiatives within the Stream.

Let’s start with how PM&C used data to support National Cabinet

The Data Professional Stream is all about building data capability, and what better way to start than by highlighting and sharing examples of excellent data analytics and use.

Please enjoy this video of Alistair Campbell, Assistant Secretary at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, talking about how data and data analytics are being used to support the Prime Minister and the National Cabinet.

Download the Alistair Campbell - APS Data Professional Stream transcript (Word, 14KB)

The first virtual event of the Data Professional Network will be a video from Caroline Edwards talking about how data has been used to understand the impact, and inform the Government’s response to COVID-19.

Caroline is an Associate Secretary at the Department of Health and a member of the Data Profession Senior Reference Group, which is driving the APS Data Professional Stream.

Sign up to be notified of this event, and watch this space!

In the meantime, you can watch Randall Brugeaud share his insight about the complementary work of the Digital and Data Professions. Randall is the CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency and the Head of the Digital Profession.

Download the Randall Brugeaud - Data Professional Stream transcript (Word, 37KB)

We are sharing a video of Melinda Smith, Chief Service Delivery Officer from the ATO, talking about how building data capability today is critical to delivering future vision.

Download the Melinda Smith - Data Professional Stream transcript (Word, 13KB)

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17 September 2020