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Appendix A: Entity resource and outcome resource statements

Table A1 summarises the total resources, by funding source, that are available to the Commission and the total payments made from these resources. The actual available appropriation includes balances carried forward from the previous financial year. Table A2 shows the total expenses for the Commission’s outcome, classified by appropriation source for each program.

Table A1 is presented on a cash basis, while Table A2 and the financial statements in Part 4 are presented on an accrual basis.

Table A1: Entity resource statement, 2016–17
Item Actual available appropriation for 2016–17
Payments made 2016–17|
Balance remaining 2016–17

* Supply Act (No. 1) 2016–17, Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2016–17 and Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2016–17. This may also include prior-year departmental appropriations and section 74 retained revenue receipts.

Includes an amount of $0.6 million for the departmental capital budget. For accounting purposes, this amount is designated ‘contributions by owners’.

Ordinary annual services*
Departmental appropriation 66,984 45,381 21,603
Total ordinary annual services 66,984 45,381 21,603
Total available annual appropriations and payments 66,984 45,381 21,603
Special appropriations
Special appropriations limited by criteria/entitlement      
Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973   63,215  
Total special appropriations   63,215  
Total net resourcing and payments for the Australian Public Service Commission 66,984 108,596  
Table A2: Expenses and resources for Outcome 1, 2016–17
Outcome 1: Increased awareness and adoption of best practice public administration by the public service through leadership, promotion, advice and professional development, drawing on research and evaluation Budget*
Actual expenses

* Full-year budget, including any subsequent adjustment made to the 2016–17 Budget at Additional Estimates.

Departmental appropriation combines ordinary annual services (Supply Act No. 1 and Appropriation Act No. 1) and section 74 retained revenue receipts.

Program 1.1: Australian Public Service Commission
Departmental appropriation 40,171 39,656 515
Expenses not requiring appropriation in the budget year 1,165 958 207
Total for Program 1.1 41,336 40,614 722
Program 1.2: Parliamentarians’ and judicial office holders’ remuneration and entitlements
Special appropriations 64,404 63,215 1,189
Total for Program 1.2 64,404 63,215 1,189
Total expenses for Outcome 1 105,740 103,829 1,911
  2015–16 2016–17  
Average staffing level (number) 208 197  
Last reviewed: 
14 May 2018