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Appendix C: Work health and safety 2017–18

Executive commitment

The Commission seeks to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, workers and visitors by providing and maintaining a safe working environment. It aims to eliminate all preventable work-related injuries and illness and is committed to supporting employee wellbeing.

Rehabilitation management system

The Commission monitored and reviewed the rehabilitation management system in 2017–18 as a part of its commitment to continuous improvement in this regard.

Health and wellbeing

Initiatives under the health and wellbeing program are developed in consultation with employees and the Workplace Relations/Health and Safety Committee. In 2017–18 this included the following initiatives:

  • the employee assistance program for employees and their families
  • mental health awareness sessions
  • influenza vaccinations
  • reimbursement for employees requiring assistance to quit smoking or requiring glasses for visually demanding tasks
  • training of first aid officers to ensure that immediate assistance is available if required.

Additionally, Commission staff also have access to a wide range of employee-initiated activities, including a walking group, a boot camp, a choir and a book club.

Notifiable incidents, notices and investigations

In 2017–18 one notifiable incident occurred at the Commission under Part 3 or Part 5 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Last reviewed: 
18 October 2018