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Appendix 2: Contributions to MAC report 8

This report was developed by a project team located in the Australian Public Service Commission under the supervision of a Deputy Secretary Group reporting to the Management Advisory Group.

Deputy Secretary Group

Mr Geoff Leeper (Chair)
Department of Families and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (formerly of Department of Human Services)
Ms Barbara Belcher
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Mr Jim Davidson
Department of Education, Science and Training
Mr Ross Gibbs
National Archives of Australia
Ms Fay Holthuyzen
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Mr Jeff Lamond
Australian Public Service Commission
Mr Stephen Merchant
Department of Defence
(Mr Shane Carmody
Department of Defence—until September 2006)
Mr Abul Rizvi
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

Project team

Mr Jeremy O’Sullivan
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
Mr Dale Chatwin
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Ms Helen Walker
National Archives of Archives

The Management Advisory Committee recognises the support of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the National Archives in providing the project team to undertake the project.

Management Advisory Committee

The Management Advisory Committee (MAC) is a forum of Secretaries and agency heads established under the Public Service Act 1999 to advise the Australian Government on matters relating to the management of the Australian Public Service (APS). In addressing its broad advisory function, MAC considers a number of management issues where analysis, discussion, and the identification of better practice approaches would inform and promote improvements in public administration.

MAC was established under s. 64 of the Public Service Act 1999 and is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, with the Public Service Commissioner as executive officer. MAC is charged with advising the Government on matters relating to the management of the APS. While it has no statutory powers or executive functions, it provides a forum for Secretaries and heads of major agencies to discuss significant issues of topical and long-term interest to the APS.

MAC met for the first time in December 2000 and agreed on a work programme that focused on areas of strategic importance to the APS. Sub-committees of interested MAC members were established to set the terms of reference for each of these projects. The Australian Public Service Commission currently provides Secretariat support to the Committee and its subcommittee/s. The Secretariat can be contacted through the Evaluation Group of the Commission at <macsecretariat [at] apsc.gov.au>.

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16 May 2018